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By Daniel - Posted on 24 July 2011

I'd like to start where I left off the in my "Future" blog entry. I mentioned the word "priorities". I actually searched quite a while to get a good picture to capture your attention to this particular blog entry, but I couldn't find one that truely satisfied me.. talking about priorities: is a picture really that important? What priority does it have to me for this blog? It's the context that counts to me and I know a picture can say more than 1000 words, but if it's not the right one..

I hope you get where I'm going. You should get your priorities right in life and this is a very personal matter. What are the most important things for you? Where are you laying your emphasis? Think about it.

To my own priorities: Why am I taking my time to write this entry? This entire last semester I've felt a shift of priorities for myself. Exams aren't as important anymore, I'm getting closer and closer to the end of my studies. But instead of using this last opportunity to get the most out of the exams, I feel totally different. I guess it's the realisation that the time of lectures is quite easy going and I can/should use the time for more than just learning for school (and some of the results you can see here on this blog). So, where did my priorities shift towards, besides traveling more? I'll get out the list I posted on my previous blog entry, the 5 F's (not necessarily in this order):

  • Faith
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Fitness
  • Finances

Those are actually pretty good things to consider. Without faith (in yourself) you can't accomplish anything, without family you can't live/you have no home, without friends you can't survive, without fitness you don't have balance and without finances, you don't have possibilities. I'm not saying that these are my exact priorities right now (of course you already read between the lines: priorities can change all the time), but they are good ones.

And that's where the shift lies. The overall view of life has jumped in and thus changed my priorities. Reasons being age, family, commitment,  I'm just at the beginning of my life but already in the near future my life will be determined by my work and when do you have the chance to discover a different country if not with an exchange program? I would encourage anyone living abroad to take advantage of the chance he/she has.

And of course, one of your priorities should be yourself. Take some time off, go on a trip, revive the old body-cells, take care of yourself. It's only if you are taken care of that you can take care of others. I've been flying a lot lately and even there: in case of pressure loss in the cabine, it is your top priority to activate your oxygenmask first before helping others. There is a reason for that. Force yourself to take care of yourself every once in a while.

So, while I discover my own priorities, what are yours?

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