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By Daniel - Posted on 18 April 2011

I just watched this talk on TED by Sam Richards who shows to a broad audience, what I've been thought to do since I've been a small child. Just think: "How does the other side feel?". I challenge you to do this "radical experiment" with Sam and maybe just surf around the magnificent website of TED - Ideas worth spreading. This initiative just doesn't get enough attention in my opinion..


You're quite right. Childhood, upbrining, all that has a huge impact on how we think and view the world.  Growing up in India certainly gave us an advantage in the "empathy" department.  Sam's talk is brilliant... and so true... like one of my favourite phrases: "Let's slip into each other's shoes and take a walk, my friend."  I feel like we should all take more walks... we'd learn a lot and maybe - maybe - there would be peace.  Understanding, after all, is one of the roots of peace.  Even an attempt at understanding is better than flat-out apathy.  A battle of words, after all, is much less harmful than a battle of weapons.

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