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I'd like to start where I left off the in my "Future" blog entry. I mentioned the word "priorities". I actually searched quite a while to get a good picture to capture your attention to this particular blog entry, but I couldn't find one that truely satisfied me.. talking about priorities: is a picture really that important? What priority does it have to me for this blog? It's the context that counts to me and I know a picture can say more than 1000 words, but if it's not the right one..

Time flies

Anyone notice how time flies? I mean seriously.. wow.


I just watched this talk on TED by Sam Richards who shows to a broad audience, what I've been thought to do since I've been a small child. Just think: "How does the other side feel?". I challenge you to do this "radical experiment" with Sam and maybe just surf around the magnificent website of TED - Ideas worth spreading. This initiative just doesn't get enough attention in my opinion..

The Future (1)

I have been thinking a lot lately about the time to come. What will be? How can I influence the outcome? Will it be the best for me? Will I be happy?

Just thinking..

I'm going to try to expand my website a bit. My "old" blog is now going to be my "Travelbook" and here I'm introducing a new section, just called "Thinkpad". A small homage to my writing gear and just a name that fits the purpose.

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